Book Description

In this whimsical ABC book in Spanish each letter is represented by an animal which in turn introduces the next.

This book represents the playful rhymes that young children thoroughly enjoy. It will be a delightful way of making young children aware of initial letter/sound correlation, of individual letters, of the ABC, and of the names of many animals.

The excellent illustration by María de Jesús Álvarez, and the clever rhymes, makes this a book to be enjoyed by all.

Author’s Note

Animals were a very important part of my life and of my children’s lives. This is why it is not surprising that so many of my books are populated by animals.

I enjoy clever rhymes and delight when I see how much children appreciate them.

This playful book will invite them to anticipate which can be the next animal and a word that rhymes with the animal’s name is always the clue.

It always give me great satisfaction when I can have a book published that gives children joy while allowing them to enrich their vocabulary, acquire new concepts, and become stronger readers.

I hope this playful book will do just that.

And what a joy that it would have such beautiful illustrations by María Jesús Álvarez, who had already illustrated Celebra un PowWow con Sandy Starbright / Celebrate a Pow Wow with Sandy Starbright, one of the books from the Cuentos para celebrar / Stories to Celebrate series.


This book can correlate to my other ABC books: Abecedario de los animales, Coral y espuma: Abecedario del mar, and Gathering the Sun.

Other books with rhymes are: Me gustaría tener / How Happy I Would Be and Una extraña visita / Strange Visitors.

A book that also offers prediction supported by the rhyme is ¿Quién nacerá aquí? / Who’s Hatching Here?


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