Inter­na­tional Children’s Dig­i­tal Library

We were honored to host members of the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) for Reading the World V in 2003.

The members of the panel discussed many aspects of children’s literature from an international perspective. ICDL is a project of the University of Maryland and Internet Archive. You can get more information at

International Guests

Pablo Barrena, Salamanca Library, Spain
Hiroaki Kitamura, Voyager Japan, Inc.
Ana Maria Machado, Author, Brazil
Barbara Scharioth, International Youth Library, Munich
Liliana Santirso, Author, New Zealand
Igor Torlin, State Library of Ukraine for Children

U.S. Guests and Advisors

Alma Flor Ada, University of San Francisco
Rebecca Aiken, Librarian Consultant
Summer Brenner, Author
Kristen Brown, Co-founder, Project ORILLAS
Jane Gilchrist, Library of Congress
Sara Irvani Kahn, Author
Erich Kesse, University of Florida
Gerald McDermott, Author
Junko Yokoto, National-Louis University, panel moderator