VIDEO: Alma Flor Ada and Gabriel Zubizarreta discuss their inspiration for writing Dancing Home

Alma Flor Ada and Gabriel Zubizarreta discuss their inspiration for writing Dancing Home. Watch video.

Alma Flor Ada on Books and Reading for Latin Baby Book Club

Last month we were fortunate enough to have esteemed author, Alma Flor Ada, contribute a short piece on helping our children to grow up bilingually. This month, Sra. Ada has once again shared some of her thoughts on the value of books in a child’s life…

Few friends could be more valuable for children than books.

Books can be fun and entertaining offering children wonderful moments. But they certainly do much more.

Books can be informative, and allow children to learn about any topic, any time, any place. But they do much more. Read more…

MuuMoo Animal Nursery Rhymes Release

It is always an immense source of joy to see a new book published. Isabel Campoy and I have been collecting folklore all our lives. We know the soul of the culture lives in these popular expressions that have been shared from generation to generation through the centuries. It is very meaningful for us to be able to share the children folklore bilingually. Children who are familiar with the Spanish language will be able to enjoy the original rhymes, those that are not fluent yet will be able to enjoy them in English, particularly because the English versions have been lovingly and artistically created by Rosalma Zubizarreta to make them as enjoyable as the originals.
These book follows another collection of traditional rhymes, Pio Peep! and one of Villancicos or Christmas Carols, all of them published by HarperCollins with extraordinary illustrations by Vivi Escriva.
A particular element in MuuMoo is that our wonderful editor Rosemary Brosman, understanding the importance that popular poetry remains alive, by being added upon, encouraged us to add some of our own original animal rhymes to the traditional collection.
We look forward to your comments as you share MuuMoo with your children or students.
May these rhymes continue to live and delight and remain as small treasures in the hearts of children to be held on to forever and some day share with yet another generation of children.

Article on the application of Authors in the Classroom in the Dominican Republic in the Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy

“Using Teachers’ Volunteer Experiences in the Dominican Republic to Develop Social Responsibility in Canadian Middle-School Students: An ‘Authors in the Classroom’ Approach,” Judith K. Bernhard, Lisa Evans, Yohannys Marmolejo, Teresa Cosentino

Publish: September 2009
View article:

Alma Flor Ada Teachership Award, 2010

The winner of this year Alma Flor Ada Teachership Award is Pavel Escobedo. Mr. Escobedo is studying for his teaching credencial at CSU Channel Islands. The award will be presented by Alma Flor Ada during the Award Luncheon at the CABE [California Association for Bilingual Education] Conference, in San Jose, on March 11, 2010.
The first recipient of the teachership, was Maricela Vargas Gonzalez, in 2009.

I Love Saturdays y domingos in video for the program Beyond the Page

I Love Saturdays y domingos in video for the program Beyond the Page, Disney Educational Productions. Animated illustrations bring to life the story and Elivia Savadier’s illustrations. The story is followed by an interview with Alma Flor, accompanied by her granddaughter Camille and by a video field trip featuring grandparents. Click here to see interview.

Ballet The Malachite Palace

Alma Flor Ada’s picture book The Malachite Palace has been turned into an extraordinary ballet with choreography by Diane Lambie and performed by Ballet Bras d’Or in CapeBreton, NS, Canada. Watch a video:

Smiles & Butterflies Newsletter

A new monthly digital newsletter can come your way to signal the collaboration between Alma Flor Ada and American Reading Company. You are a teacher; a believer in potential; a guide and a mentor to children of many backgrounds and diverse cultures. You lead them and love them, and you seek to send them on the most beautiful path they can walk. Who is guiding you?

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy feel a kinship with you and a deep gratitude for your work. Our love for children and our belief that they blossom in your care has led us to create a free new publication, Smiles & Butterflies. It’s our way of acknowledging your calling and offering a colorful, informative tool that, in your capable hands, can surely add sunshine and happiness to the time you spend teaching and cultivating these growing lights in our world.

Our first issue is just a click away. Thank you for all that you do, and enjoy Smiles & Butterflies!

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Meet the author: Alma Flor Ada interviewed for Col­orín col­orado

“Alma Flor Ada is the award-winning author of more than 200 books for children. She is also a poet, storyteller, educator, mother, and grandmother. With a Ph.D. in literature and a lifelong love for stories, Ada has mastered the art of retelling traditional folktales and nursery rhymes from across Latin America. A native of Cuba who has also lived in Spain, Peru, and the United States, Alma Flor Ada writes poetry, picture books, and novels that offer rich, multicultural perspectives for all children.”

View the video clips below:

Meet the Author – Col­orín col­orado
Conozca al Autor – Col­orín col­orado

SILK a moving film

The wonderful idea, from my son Alfonso, of projecting films at home –instead of watching them on a TV screen– continues to my the life long dream of a home theater be a great gift.
Among the many beautiful films recently seen is SILK — a film with a very direct story line, a love story, but one of the most delicate expressions of true love.
The views of France and Japan are equally striking, the photography is excellent, but it is the delicacy and exquisiteness of the love story what makes it memorable.