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Participatory Research: Paulo Freire and Alma Flor Ada DVD

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

DVD featuring Alma Flor Ada

Participatory Research is a methodology responding to the principles of Liberation and Transformation.

The foundation of Participatory Research is the acknowledgement that all human beings are capable of knowledge. It challenges the belief that research should be conducted only by specialists and recognizes that research is, and should be, part of everyone’s life.

In contrast with most traditional research, which studies individuals and their circumstances as if they were objects, in Participatory Research, the individuals are recognized as those owning the knowledge of their own reality.

By engaging in critical dialogue, both researcher and participants raise their levels of awareness and consciousness. In solidarity they reflect on the causes of existing realities and search for alternatives to unjust, unequal, or oppressive conditions.

In this dialogue Paulo Freire and Alma Flor Ada share ideas about Participatory Research as developed based on Paulo’s principles of Critical Pedagogy and as carried on by Alma Flor’s doctoral students at the University of San Francisco.