Themes, Values, Festivities

Celebrations & Festivities In Our Work

A great deal of the inspiration of our work is the celebration of life in all its facets: family, friends, nature, play, activities, discoveries, joy. Many of these themes can be seen in the list of themes in our work.

Here we mention specifically books, stories, plays, poems and songs that are devoted to specific days or moments of the year.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Most of our work could be considered a celebration of Hispanic Heritage: family, friendship, solidarity. These themes can be seen listed in the document Themes and Values in Our Work.

Some books, poems and songs are specifically dedicated to provide information on our heritage, to celebrate the power of languages, to invite reflection upon the significance of being bicultural and bilingual. Some are:

Books on Latin American cultural richness

Poems and Songs about language and heritage

Novels that discuss issues of heritage, language and culture

Every Day Of The Year

These two poetry anthologies offer a poem for each day of the year, related to the specific day or season:



Cinco de mayo

Chinese or Lunar New Year

Christmas and the Three Wise Men

Día de los muertos / Day of the Death

Día de los Libros / Día de los Niños

Easter / Pascua Florida

Father’s Day / Día de los padres

Fourth of July / Cuatro de julio


Halloween /Día de los muertos


Mardy Gras

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Mother’s Day / Día de las madres


St. Patrick’s Day


Valentine’s Day

  •  It Wasn’t Me! + No fui Yo


Seasons / Estaciones Del Año

Spring /Primavera

Summer / Verano

Fall / Otoño

Winter /Invierno


Months of the Year

Days of the Week