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MuuMoo Animal Nursery Rhymes Release

Monday, March 29th, 2010

It is always an immense source of joy to see a new book published. Isabel Campoy and I have been collecting folklore all our lives. We know the soul of the culture lives in these popular expressions that have been shared from generation to generation through the centuries. It is very meaningful for us to be able to share the children folklore bilingually. Children who are familiar with the Spanish language will be able to enjoy the original rhymes, those that are not fluent yet will be able to enjoy them in English, particularly because the English versions have been lovingly and artistically created by Rosalma Zubizarreta to make them as enjoyable as the originals.
These book follows another collection of traditional rhymes, Pio Peep! and one of Villancicos or Christmas Carols, all of them published by HarperCollins with extraordinary illustrations by Vivi Escriva.
A particular element in MuuMoo is that our wonderful editor Rosemary Brosman, understanding the importance that popular poetry remains alive, by being added upon, encouraged us to add some of our own original animal rhymes to the traditional collection.
We look forward to your comments as you share MuuMoo with your children or students.
May these rhymes continue to live and delight and remain as small treasures in the hearts of children to be held on to forever and some day share with yet another generation of children.