El pañuelo de seda

El pañuelo de seda
El pañuelo de seda


Set in the times in which California was part of Mexico, this is a story of discovery, generosity and love. Anita loves to gaze at the white cranes flying in the sky. A fortunate moment brings her the gift of a beautiful silk scarf. She will discover the true meaning of compassion when she sacrifices her greatest treasure, in order to save the life of a wounded crane.


This story can inspire discussions on ecology, and has certainly inspired some beautiful letters from children who have read the book, as well as an unforgettable rendition as a play by children from Coral Way Elementary School in Miami-Dade.

Since very young I have had an abhorrence to hunting. While I could understand it as a need to procure food, the idea of hurting innocent animals has always been very difficult for me. Very early I begged my father to promise me he’d never hunt again –and being the kind-hearted person he was, he agreed, even though having been raised in a cattle ranch hunting was part of his youth.

This story was most likely inspired by a poem in Spanish my mother used to recite when I was a child, which began saying something like: “I have just killed a crane/ I must confess it, oh Lord,/ it was flying in the blue serenity…” The awareness that life is a constant choice is also a recurrent theme in my mind. Therefore it’s not strange that it will find its way into my stories.


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