Dulce es la sal

Dulce es la sal
Dulce es la sal


This poetry anthology with lively illustrations from three gifted artists includes original poetry by Alma Flor Ada and Francisca Isabel Campoy as well as poems from a number of poets from Latin America and Spain, including such renowned poets as José Martí and David Chericián, from Cuba; Gabriela Mistral, and María de la Luz Uribe, from Chile; Amado Nervo and Ernesto Galarza, from Mexico; María Elena Walsh and José Sebastián Tallón, from Argentina; Ester Feliciano Mendoza and Isabel Freire de Matos, from Puerto Rico; Morita Carrillo, from Venezuela; Carlos Murciano and Marina Romero from Spain. Other poets included are: Tomás Allende, Tomás Calleja Guijarro, Rodolfo Dada, Horacio Guillén, Floria Jiménez, María Hortensia Lacau, Emilio Teixidor, Fryda Schultz de Mantovani, Celia Viñas Olivella.


Poetry is one of the best gifts we can give children. A poem a day enhances a child’s life with the sounds of words, with rhyme and rhythm, with the enchantment of images and metaphors, with the invitation to see reality with new eyes.

Our culture is very rich in outstanding poets and excellent poetry. Some poets write primarily for children, but even our most recognized poets have at some time or other written poetry that children can enjoy.

The Cielo abierto Poetry Collection is composed of seven poetry anthologies. These rich anthologies include selections from the folklore along with the work of the best Spanish-speaking poets from the United States, Latin America and Spain. Each of the selections has been carefully chosen to awaken children’s love of poetry and to deepen their appreciation for the musicality and richness of the Spanish language. Original poems by Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy are also included.

It is impossible to assign a specific age to poetry, since the same poem can be enjoyed by children of different ages at different moments. Yet, there is a certain progression of language and reading difficulty in the series reflected in the order in which the titles are listed.

Grade levels have been mentioned next to the titles as an orientation, but should not be seen restrictively.

The titles are:


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