Book Description

Children recognize that they can change the world through innovation and fairness. In this light they will appreciate the art of Pablo Picasso, who transformed the way in art was conceived and experienced. They will understand the role of Gabriela Mistral’s poetry and her determination to bring education to all children of the Spanish-speaking Americas and they will see justice in the fortitude and determination of Beanito Juárez.

Author’s Note

José Martí, extraordinary writer and exceptional human being, liked to say “Honrar, honra” implying that when we honor those who deserve it, we somehow partake of the honor. His message that it is important to honor those who have open roads that we now travel has inspired this biography series.

Isabel and I would like children to realize that the people we admire earned that admiration as they faced life with courage and dignity, determined not to be stopped by difficulties, but consistently following their dreams.
It is our great hope that children will recognize that humble beginnings or physical limitations, while creating unquestionable challenges, should not be seen as impossible barriers, and that these biographies will be for them an inspiration.


The three individuals whose biographies form this book have been very influential in my own development as well as Isabel’s, and thus, it is not surprising that they will reappear in many of our books.

Pablo Picasso – The art of Picasso can be found in Brush and Paint or Brocha y pincel, one of the art books of Gateways to the Sun or Puertas al sol.

Gabriela Mistral – Poems by Gabriela Mistral can be found in the anthologies Dulce es la sal, Nuevo día and Ríos de lava from Cielo abierto.

Additional poems can be found in the anthology Días y días de poesía organized in a calendar format with a poem for each day of the year.

Benito Juárez – The actions of Benito Juárez are celebrated in the book Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican Hat Dance or Celebra el Cinco de Mayo con un jarabe tapatío.

Gathering the Sun/ Puertas al sol Collection Description

This collection highlights the genius, the tenacity and the achievement of Hispanic culture. For Hispanic readers, the collection promotes pride in their culture; for non-Hispanic readers, it fosters an appreciation and an acknowledgment of—and a respect for—Latinos. The collection comprises the following 6 series. Each book and journal is published in separate editions in English and in Spanish.

Poetry Series Gateways to the Sun

These poetry anthologies are divided in sections featuring poets from various countries from the Spanish speaking world. The sections open with original poems by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy celebrating the poets and the poet’s country of origin. Selected poems by the featured poet completes each section. The contribution of Latinos is acknowledged as well as that of the anonymous poets who created the rhymes of the traditional folklore, enriching our heritage.

Art Series Gateways to the Sun

A wide variety of genres, techniques, media, and historical events in Hispanic art are depicted in these oversize strikingly beautiful books. Each book includes reproductions of paintings selected from the best Hispanic artists of all times, from classical to contemporary. Each painting is accompanied by brief poetic readings.

Each book is paired with an interactive journal where children can learn more about art and begin their own artistic expressions.

Biography Series Gateways to the Sun

This series offers the biographies of twelve significant figures from various countries in the Spanish-speaking world, representing various fields and occupations. These historical and contemporary figures are role models, who overcame obstacles to make a difference in the world.


Theater Series Gateways to the Sun

Theatrical adaptations of well known stories and folktales as well as original plays are enhanced by beautiful art. The illustrations, by several Hispanic artists, suggest costumes, props and stage designs to help on the staging of the play

Language Series Gateways to the Sun

These fractured fairy tales books bring new twists to the lives of well-loved characters from storybooks. They provide ample opportunities for language development as they use diverse forms of language.

Hispanic Lands Series Gateways to the Sun

Three oversize books on the richness and diversity of the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas. The poetic, but highly informative text, brings attention to the extraordinary achievement of the indigenous people. The striking illustrations are carefully designed by Maestro Felipe Dávalos. They offer ample information to support and enrich the text that reflects on the responses of human groups to the challenges of their environment, and emphasize respect towards diversity, environmental and ecological awareness, community involvement, and appreciation for education.


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