A New Home for the Seven Little Kids

A New Home for the Seven Little Kids
Un nuevo hogar para los siete cabritos


Moving into a new house and a new neighborhood could be a traumatic experience and also a new adventure. Young readers will accompany Mrs. Goat and her children as they visit the neighborhood architect to review their new home’s floor plan, shop for furniture, and eat out in a local restaurant.

Children delight when they recognize that the architect is none other than Pig Three, the constructor of the sturdy brick house and when they discover, through the illustrations, that the ferocious wolf is still roaming around hidden in unsuspected places and wearing all sorts of disguises.


The four books in the Language series of Gateways to the Sun or Puertas al Sol are fractured fairy-tales which will help to develop children’s language in very specific areas:

By predicting who are the characters, and then reading their first person descriptions in: One, Two, Three. Who Can It Be? or Uno, dos, tres. ¡Dime, quién es children will become acquainted with personal descriptions and familiarize with language that will help them talk about themselves.

A New Home for the Seven Little Kids or El nuevo hogar de los siete cabritos shows all the elements of a house. Children will be able to understand a plan for the rooms of a house and will find the vocabulary related to furniture and appliances.

In Happy Birthday, Little Red Riding Hood or ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Caperucita Roja! children will follow Little Red Riding Hood and her mother as they plan a birthday party. Creating the list of guests, writing the invitations, looking for addresses in an address book, writing the envelopes, making a shopping list, and following some simple recipes all will contribute to see the many ways in which language is present in daily life.


Reintroducing well loved characters from fairy tales has always been an enjoyable form to create a book. After the success of the Hidden Forest series, Dear Peter Rabbit or Querido Pedrín, Yours truly, Goldilocks or Atentamente, Ricitos de Oro, With Love, Little Red Hen and the recent Extra! Extra! Fairy Tales News from Hidden Forest or ¡Extra! ¡Extra! Noticias del Bosque Escondido to continue to play with fairy tales characters seemed just a natural thing to do.


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