Cuentos con Alma

Cuentos con Alma

The eight titles that comprise this Collection include two different kinds of books, five autobiographical books and three books of narrative fiction.

So far the books have been published only in Spanish

Autobiographical books

illustrated by Pablo Torrecilla

The five autobiographical books are based on the author’s Cuban childhood memories, each one centered on a particular event. The literary quality of the text, written with a delicate poetic prose, and the magnificent watercolors by Pablo Torrecilla, make each book a true work of art. These stories provide an opportunity to discuss life experiences, explore family and socio cultural values, and inspire students and their parents to look at the world around them with a fresh and inquisitive outlook. Each book is complete in itself, but when read together the books convey a fuller insight into the world the author portrays.

To know more about life in Cuba, family relations, and social life and customs in that important Caribbean island these books can be complemented with Where the Flametrees Bloom, or Allá donde florecen los framboyanes and the Pura Belpré Award-winning Under the Royal Palms or Bajo las palmas reales.

Narrative Fiction Independent Books

The three fiction books have each a unique theme.

El vuelo de los colibríes is the story of a Mexican family’s immigration to the United States.

El pañuelo se seda is an inspiring story of a child’s determination to save a wounded crane even at the expense of sacrificing something dear to her.

El reino de la geometría is a whimsical story, that uses geometrical shapes, to show the consequences of discrimination and racism. A perfect complement to the book Friends or Amigos and the story “El cuadradito azul” from the book Exploramos.