Creative Reading DVD

Creative Reading DVD

DVD featuring Alma Flor Ada

Creative Reading, a methodology developed by Alma Flor Ada, is an essential part of her vision of Transformative Education. In this DVD, she describes the principles of Creative Reading, using as an example the Reading Program Hagamos Caminos.

A classroom demostration of Creative Reading dialogue is offered by Jan Mayer, an excellent educator and former doctoral student of Alma Flor.

Three songs are presented by Suni Paz, outstanding composer and singer, to reinforce the value of music within Transformative Education.

Suni Paz has collaborated extensively with Alma Flor, creating beautiful music for many of her poems. The program Música amiga offers 120 songs in ten CDs. Other recordings by Suni include Gathering the Sun, ¡Pío Peep!, Abecedario, Coral y espuma, Cuéntame un cuento, Tres princesas [ all of these produced by Del Sol Publishing] and Cantarín [produced by Frog Street].

The DVD also includes a brief presentation on poetry by Alma Flor Ada.