Celebrate Mardi Gras with Joaquín, Harlequin

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Joaquín, Harlequin
Celebra el Mardi Gras con Joaquín, arlequín



Disguised as a harlequin, Joaquín enjoys the Mardi Gras celebration with his family, but he gets lost in the crowd. His family searches everywhere for him, and they find one harlequin, and another, and yet another, but none are Joaquín. But there is one sure way of telling which one is Joaquín. Find out how.


An overview of history and celebration of Mardi Gras with striking photographs.


Each of the twenty four books in this collection dedicated to some of the most important holidays and festivities celebrated in the United States is the combination of two books in one. The first part is an engaging realistic fiction story beautifully illustrated by a diversity of illustrators. The second part is a non-fiction piece that explains the history and significance of the holiday or celebration. This second part is illustrated with bright and unique photographs that will allow children to witness the celebration.

The festivities addressed include:

For more details in the series and the values it presents see the series description: Series Stories to Celebrate / Cuentos para celebrar. There is also an individual page, like this, for each of the books in the series.

Lesson plans and questions to guide the Creative Reading Dialogue can be found on the SantillanaUSA website: www.santillanausa.com/cuentosparacelebrar.htm


There are two CDs with the readings of the twelve stories in English and two CDs with the readings of the twelve stories in Spanish.

The CDs will allow children to follow a professional reading aloud individually or in groups.

They can be beneficial to children learning a second language, whether English or Spanish, since they will be able to read the book in their stronger language and then listen to the recording in the second language, or vice versa.


Since I am only one of the two authors of this book, I can share my side of the story. You can visit www.isabelcampoy.com to read what the other author has to say.

Both Isabel Campoy and I have had great love for the city of New Orleans and have been fascinated by its history–first Spanish, then French, later part of the United States, by its architecture, and by its music.

We had just finished this book which was about to go to press when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mexican Gulf coast of the United States and the city of New Orleans. Our hearts that had been celebrating the richness of New Orleans music and culture were filled with deep love and compassion, which we continue to feel and we have great admiration for those who assisted in the rescue and all who are still striving to rebuild their homes and their hope.

Many readers are intrigued about how two authors collaborate to write a book. If you share this curiosity you may enjoy reading how Isabel Campoy explains this experience in the chapter authored by her “Writing in Collaboration: One plus One is One or Two” in the book Alma Flor Ada and You, volume II published by Libraries Unlimited.


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