Stories for the Telling CD

Stories for the Telling CD
Libros para contar CD


There is a special value to listening to a books read by the author. Such recordings show just where the author wishes to convey feelings and emotions, emphasis and suspense. When the text is put to music it acquires additional interest for children.

The special nature of each of these books led to very different and exciting recordings of each one. Friends or Amigos — This powerful tale of celebration of diversity has been read both in English and in Spanish by Alma Flor Ada. The listeners of the recording in Spanish will have a complementary experience. Alma Flor has rewritten the story in verse and Suni Paz has created music for the version in verse. Her beautiful performance gives additional charm to this poignant story of multicultural understanding.

How Happy I Would Be or Me gustaría tener — Suni Paz has created original music for this cumulative book of rhyming words. Her whimsical rendition will charm all listeners.

The Song of the Teeny Tiny Mosquito or El canto del mosquito -– The original music created by Suni Paz compliments this whimsical cumulative tale. Her vivid performance captures the listener’s imagination until it seems that the mosquito is buzzing right in our ears.

Strange Visitors -– In this cumulative tale different animals appear each day of the week, each playing a different instrument until they all join in a wonderful Sunday jarana. The recording, done by a talented duo of a mother and her young daughter, presents the instruments in a joyful way that will facilitate that children learn to recognize their sound. The young listeners can join the daughter in her responses making the listening an interactive experience.

Who’s Hatching Here or ¿Quién nacerá aquí? – This predictable book invites children to guess, through the clues in the rhyming text, who will be the next animal hatching from a certain group of eggs. On her performance of the music Suni created for this book she incorporates special sound effects to contribute to the predictable clues.

These extraordinary recordings have been produced in individual cassettes in English and Spanish, one for each book of the series, and in Haitian Creole for Zanmi. There is also a CD in English and one in Spanish. Each of the CDs contains the five books of the series.