Recent films

As a film lover I would like to recommend two worthwhile films.
LA VIE EN ROSE is the very beautiful rendition of Edith Piaf’ life. Her dramatically tragic life has been rendered with art and compassion and a superb performance!
ATONEMENT was for me all I can ask in a film. Magnificent photography that speaks without the needs of words, showing in subtle but unequivocal ways the feelings and emotions of the characters. I love films that offer memorable scenes. In this film the moment in which he touches the water of the fountain when she steps out of it, becomes a perfect statement of his feelings. The sequence when both of the main characters are preparing to encounter each other is a series of magnificent photographs, slowly telling a story in images.
The casting is extraordinary, to find three actresses that could so convincingly portray the same character in three periods of her life, is a feat in itself.
And, last but not least, the plot is not only sound but thought provoking. It invites reflection on all the wrong we may have done in our lives, whether in full awareness or not and wakens up that strong desire to undo any wrong doing and make right that which should always have been. A very fulfilling experience.
All best wishes to all readers.