Olmo and the Blue Butterfly

Olmo and the Blue Butterfly
Olmo y la mariposa azul


Olmo, a young boy, pursues a blue butterfly throughout the pages of this oversized picture book, handsomely illustrated by Viví Escrivá. The young reader will delight in identifying Olmo in different vehicles as he voyages through the San Francisco landscape. While this book serves as a beautiful introduction to the theme of transportation, Olmo’s journey is also about the pursuit of dreams, and the discovery that what we search for is already within us. Minimal text makes it a book for all ages.


Children are always fascinated when they find out that Olmo is a real boy. The book was inspired by Olmo, the oldest grandson of Viví Escrivá, whose feet hardly ever remained on the ground. In turn, Viví was inspired by her first visit to San Francisco to create the radiant illustrations which have charmed children and adults. My own dream, expressed in this book, is that we can all acknowledge that the origin of all beauty, and all possible joy, is hidden in the depth of our own souls.


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