Hopes for a more responsible year

Once again we are ready to meet at a NABE (National Association for Bilingual Education) Conference, this time in Tampa Florida.
We look forward to the hope and inspiration that is always provided by meeting with educators willing to be creative beyond all mandated restrictions because they believe in students’ abilities to learn.
I know that I will feel supported and understood, respected and appreciated, during this meeting, but above all I know my hope will be renewed.
It is wonderful that NABE does not only provide the opportunity to meet good friends, but in my case also meeting with several family members, since I have relatives in Florida.
A great joy all in all!
After the conference I will be sharing some of my thoughts.
My gratitude to all who have remained steadfast through the years in the struggle to support all children’s linguistic rights and to those who have been joining in this effort each new year.
To all my best wishes, Alma Flor