Hagamos caminos. A Creative Reading Initial Literacy Program DVD

Hagamos caminos. A Creative Reading Initial Literacy Program DVD

DVD featuring Alma Flor Ada

Hagamos caminos is an initial reading program created by Alma Flor Ada as an example of Creative reading.

In this DVD Alma Flor discusses the principles of Creative Reading, a basic component of her vision of Transformative Education. While the principles are explained in this DVD using Hagamos caminos as an example, they can be applied using any reading materials.

Music is an integral part of Transformative Education.

The wealth of songs developed for Hagamos caminos include traditional songs from the folklore and songs created by Suni Paz for poems by Alma Flor Ada and other authors.

These songs are currently available in the program Música amiga, produced by Del Sol Publishing. This program contains 120 songs in ten CDs.

The initial books and workbooks of Hagamos caminos program–Partimos, Andamos, Corremos, Volamos and Navegamos–are distributed by Del Sol Books.


Children Learn Spanish through Literacy
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“As a bilingual language educator and mom, I am always on the search for quality teaching materials that will engage children’s imaginations and curiosity, while promoting language development. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use Hagamos Caminos series by Alma Flor Ada. I have been a fan of Ada for many years, and her book Pio Peep, was my children’s all time favorite! It was read to them each and every night when they were babies and toddlers. You can ask them today and they can easily recite all of the poems and rhymes in the book! Now that my kids are school age, this reading series is excellent for them as they are developing and enhanching their bilingual literacy skills…” Read more »