Films not to miss Across the Universe

Unfortunately I do not have as much time to post messages as I would like, but I want to recommend Across the Universe.
The musical has been created starting from many of the Beattles songs and allowing the songs to suggest the story and the character development.
There are very whimsical scenes, great acting, good photography, and I particularly enjoyed the additional material ( I rented the two disks edition, with a disk fully devoted to the film development) . The director has made this film, not merely for the enjoyment of the music, but to remind the viewers that there was a time when people believe that change could be brought about if we demand it and stood up for our convictions. As a film director she is amazing: able to act out the different characters, to inspire in a setting filled with joy and fun, and to allow the creativity of the moment and all those involved to evolve.
A true example of what in spiritual terms is called “being in the present” –full of the awareness of the present moment in order that it can expand.