School Visits

Meeting Alma Flor Ada

By glassvisage

“If you love to write and you have met an author, you know the thrill it brings. It’s like being a music lover and watching your favorite artist not in a concert, but in the studio. I listened to a radio DJ speaking after a live performance of Melissa Etheridge in the studio and the sensation he got from it, the chill with every note groaned with her head laid back, even the feeling of her spit against his arm.

“Well, listening to an author speak about the craft of writing isn’t quite so raw as what I just described, I think, but the inspiration and wonder is still there.

“There is something about an author that sparkles with a humble glow… that mundane wisdom, that intuitive curiosity. These are qualities I certainly saw in Alma Flor Ada, children’s story and folktale writer…” More »